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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?


If you are a resident of North Lincolnshire, you already how difficult it is to drive around in freezing winters. Your car struggles for adequate traction, and even the smallest uphill can send it sliding backwards without the proper set of tyres. Thankfully, we, Lou's Tyres Limited, keep an exhaustive stock of winter tyres Scunthorpe for your convenience.

These tyres are specifically designed to perform exceptionally well in the harshest of British winters, capable of offering superior traction even on thick layers of slush, sleet, or snow. At our garage, you will find winter car tyres Scunthorpe from some of the most reputed brands across the world, suitable for every vehicle make and model.

What makes winter tyres different?

We suggest using winter tyres when the mercury dips below 7C. Although not mandated by UK law, using these particular car tyres Scunthorpe significantly lessens the risks of unfortunate accidents.

Take a look at some of the special features of these units:

  • Winter tyres are made from softer rubber compounds and a higher percentage of natural rubber content, which keep them pliable even on icy surfaces. These units offer enhanced grip and increase cornering precision and handling as well.

  • When you visit Lou's Tyres Limited to buy winter tyres Scunthorpe, you will notice that these products come with deeper grooves and more pronounced tread patterns. These features optimise steering precision and improve your overall driving experience in cold climates.

You will also notice a higher density of sipes on these tyre carcasses, which help eject water from beneath the contact patch to eliminate any chance of aquaplaning.

Lou's Tyres Limited and our range of winter units

If you are looking for a new set of winter tyres to extract the maximum performance out of your vehicle, visit our garage. We are one of the most well-known tyre retailers in the neighbourhood, and our stock includes M+S and 3PMS rated units as well.

Hence, it s about time you stop searching for tyres near me all over the internet and instead head over to Brigg Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 1AR.

Some of the brands available in our collection are:

  1. BF Goodrich

  2. Dunlop

  3. Bridgestone

  1. Continental

  2. Firestone

  3. Autogrip, etc.

Our industry experts are highly conversant and will help you to select the best possible set of tyres for your vehicle. They will also guide you on how to store these units properly when not in use. You can certainly also buy your new winter tyres via our website.

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