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Van servicing

In the United Kingdom, vans are categorised primarily as load-carriers. Most vans are bigger than passenger cars but smaller in size and lighter than trucks. Vehicles that can legally ferry both people and goods are called MPVs or Multi-Purpose Vehicles.

Since most vans are used for commercial purposes here, keeping them in top working condition is important. It will reduce their running costs, keep your business viable and also increase the resale value of the vans.

If you are looking for van servicing Scunthorpe, you are welcome to visit our facility. We are Lou's Tyres Limited, one of the most widely recognised garages in North Lincolnshire.

We specialise in van repairs Scunthorpe. Our technicians possess several years of experience, and our workshop has multiple bays to save our clients time.

Our van servicing regime

Van servicing Scunthorpe is rather similar to the procedures followed for passenger cars. We offer interim and full services.

An interim service is ideal once every 6 months or 6,000 miles to ensure that your van retains its roadworthiness.

A full service is recommended once a year (every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever is earlier). It comprises all the checks and inspections that an interim session includes, and we add a few crucial extras.

Lou's Tyres Limited is also capable of delivering main dealer equivalent servicing, something only a few competing facilities can provide.

Interim van service

After every 6 months or 6,000 miles, an interim van servicing Scunthorpe is essential. We possess the manpower and the technical know-how to complete these sessions without taking too much time.

A brief overview of one such session follows. The total of 25 checks includes:

  • Oil changes: Your van requires several different lubricants and oils for various functions. The most essential among these is the engine oil. We will flush out all debris or slush and refill with OE-grade oil.

  • Body inspection: Most vans have to clear Class 4 or Class 5 MOT tests each year. Hence, we will ensure that the vehicle body is in proper shape and without any dent or other noticeable flaws.

  • Brake and steering fluid replacements: These are customary refills which we are adept at.

  • Tyres and lights: An interim service also includes a thorough inspection of the tyres and wheels, besides all internal and external light fixtures. We have a wide selection of these fixtures which will fit any vehicle.

We have conducted so many successful servicing sessions that Lou's Tyres Limited is often acknowledged as the best van service station Scunthorpe.

Full service

A full service will bring with it more elements. We offer a total of 40 checks (including those in the interim service session). Some critical additions include:

  • Air and oil filter replacements.

  • New fuel filters: Given that vans run on diesel, these filters need replacements at least once a year.

  • Suspension checks and repairs.

  • The exhaust system and emissions are inspected thoroughly.

  • Clutch operation checks.

  • Gearbox repairs and load-bearing tests.

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