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Are you looking for Tyre Major Repair for your vehicle?


There are different British Standard Puncture Repair guidelines for major and minor tyre damages. Major tyre damages refer to any laceration or puncture to the sidewalls or shoulder blocks. In such cases, you will need to send the unit to an authorised tyre repair specialist.

If you are looking for tyre major repair Scunthorpe, get in touch with our technicians at Lou's Tyres Limited. We provide comprehensive major repair services at our facility according to BS AU 159 standards after thoroughly examining the damaged area.

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Can you repair punctures in a tyre s sidewall?

By just using physical methods, no.

In pneumatic automobile tyres, the sidewall is subject to constant stress, much higher than the central portion of the unit. For passenger car tyres, any attempted repair to the sidewall will result in loss of structural integrity, which is detrimental to on-road safety.

Additionally, since sidewalls constantly flex during drives, any patchwork is less likely to stay in place, and further leaks may occur down the line.

This is where vulcanisation comes in, which involves chemically bonding the patchwork to old rubber.

Vulcanising / Tyre major repair Scunthorpe

Large commercial and agricultural-utility vehicle tyres have reinforced sidewalls to support their weight carrying capacity. On these units, a repair patch can be chemically bonded using a process called vulcanisation.

In this process, the damaged area is cut out completely, and a reinforced repair patch is placed instead. This new patch is then permanently bonded to the tyre using a combination of physical and chemical processes, which includes welding with rubber, sulphur, and other chemicals in the presence of optimum heat and pressure.

This chemical bonding ensures that structural integrity is maintained post-repair, which improves the durability of these tyres as well.

Why opt for tyre major repair Scunthorpe at Lou's Tyres Limited?

Major repairs are cost-effective and also extend the tyre s lifespan and reduce the environmental impact left by scrap units. That being said, these major repairs can only be performed by authorised service stations following the British Standard protocols.

At our facility, you can get major repairs for commercial, agricultural, and industrial-utility vehicles tyres, etc. To end your tyre major repairs near me searches, drive down to our garage during business hours.

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