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truck tyres

Unlike regular passenger car tyres, truck tyres have a unique construction as well as tread design that enable them to carry heavy loads on any terrain. It is, therefore, imperative for truck owners to learn about the essential features of truck tyres Scunthorpe so that they can make an informed buying decision.

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What makes truck tyres special?

In terms of intended usage and performance, the construction of a truck tyre is significantly different from any regular car tyre. Take a look

  • Size
  • This is the foremost distinguishing factor between any regular passenger vehicle tyre and truck tyres Scunthorpe. The latter s wider and broader structure is exclusively customised to increase the area of contact with the road. The more the contact area, the less will be the pressure, and hence, the truck will effectively carry heavy loads without any hassle.

  • Four steel belts
  • Unlike passenger car tyres, which usually come with two steel belts, truck tyres Scunthorpe consist of four steel belts. This makes the truck tyres more robust and durable so that they can carry heavier loads on any road condition.

  • More tread depth
  • While the tread depth of any new regular car tyre is approximately 8 mm, that of a truck tyre is about 22 mm. The increased tread depth makes truck tyres a lot more durable by effectively reducing wear and tear and offers enhanced traction as well.

    Furthermore, a truck tyre usually has sub-treads or under treads which can be re-grooved after the tread depth wears down to the permissible legal limit.

Bestselling truck tyres available at our facility

Conti EcoRegional HD3- This Continental truck tyre is best-known for its superior mileage. The Conti InterLock technology minimises friction and ensures lower rolling resistance and thereby makes the tyre extremely fuel-efficient. The tread design of this unit is uniquely constructed to offer improved handling and grip on urban as well as hilly roads. Further, the 3D sipes ensure superb traction and stability.

Bridgestone R284 ECOPIA- The new-age NanoPro-Tech Polymer technology of this tyre reduces rolling resistance and offers enhanced fuel economy. The tread compound of the tyre is highly innovative and reduces wear and tear to optimise its durability. Further, this unit also has lessbead filler volume, which reduces its weight and offers excellent handling.

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