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tractor tyres

A tractor is a heavy-duty agricultural vehicle that is specifically built to cater to the needs of farming and other agricultural activities. Tractor tyres are, therefore, bigger in size compared to passenger car tyres. These units offer excellent performance on muddy fields and rough, uneven terrains.

An ideal set of tyres is hence essential to improve the fuel efficiency of your tractor as well as to enhance grip and traction.

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Distinguishing features of tractor tyres Scunthorpe

  • Radius and bias-ply construction

Essentially, tractor tyres Scunthorpe are available in two distinct types of constructions: bias ply and radial ply.

Radial ply: Radial ply tyres were introduced in the 1940s. These units come with softer sidewalls that help to reduce friction and offers improved traction, fuel efficiency and minimise the chances of transversal slip. Further, the increased flexibility of these tyres allows them to withstand shocks, bumps and other impacts effectively.

Bias tyres- Tyres with bias-ply construction are made with multiple overlapping piles of rubber that make the sidewall stiff. This feature prevents punctures or tears.

  • Tread design

There are mainly three types of tread designs in tractor tyres Scunthorpe.

R1-This is a standard tread design, ideal for dry land farming. The lug height of these tyres is shorter along with narrower lug spacing.

R1W Tyres with R1W tread design are specifically customised to offer increased traction on wet and sticky soil. These tyres have bigger lug height and wider lug spacing.

R2-Tractor tyres Scunthorpe with R2 tread design usually have twice the tread depth of R1 tyres and come with the widest lug spacing. These tyres are typically used on wet flooded fields that are required to grow crops like rice and sugarcane.

Two of our best-selling tractor tyres in Scunthorpe

  1. Bridgestone Alligator

  2. The Bridgestone Alligator is exclusively designed to offer excellent traction and minimise soil disturbance. These units offer minimum rolling resistance, and therefore, increase the fuel efficiency of your tractor. Also, the innovative block patterns maximise flotation, which helps to reduce soil compaction while carrying heavier loads.

  3. Continental Tractor 85

  4. These tractor tyres Scunthorpe from Continental are exclusively designed with the innovative D.fine Lug technology that helps to provide higher mileage. Also, the integration of the N flex technology makes the unit more robust and capable of performing in any weather condition.

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