Are you looking for TPMS for your vehicle?


Tyres with inadequate pressure are one of the commonest causes of accidents in Britain. In most modern cars, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS, notifies the driver in real-time if the tyre pressure is incorrect. The mandatory fitment and maintenance of TPMS in passenger cars in the EU has come into force since 2012.

However, like any other vehicular component, the TPMS sensors too can get damaged. This is where Lou's Tyres Limited comes in. Our technicians will thoroughly check your vehicle s TPMS sensor Scunthorpe and provide replacements if need be.

How do TPMS sensors get damaged?

    1. Faulty battery

The battery in these sensors last for about 5-7 years. However, a host of factors can lead to its premature damage. If you are wondering how to replace TPMS battery, don t fret as we have got you covered.

    1. Distance travelled

The longevity of TPMS sensors also depends on how often your drive and the distance you cover. Frequent trips require the sensors to function more, hence, draining the battery quicker.

    1. Corrosion

TPMS sensors Scunthorpe operate under harsh conditions. Elements like salt, water and ferrous dust corrode sensors and the TPMS valve over time. Galvanic corrosion can also damage the innards of these sensors.

    1. Servicing and installation errors

TPMS sensors are quite sensitive and can easily break if not careful. It is, therefore, vital to take necessary precautions during their installation or removal.

We, thus, recommend you opt for our professional garage Lou's Tyres Limited for a safe and reliable inspection of your vehicle s TPMS sensors.

In case your vehicle does not have a TPMS, you need to be even more vigilant and go for routine tyre pressure checks. Since client satisfaction is our primary objective, we also offer free tyre pressure checks at our garage.

Lou's Tyres Limited aims to put an end to your TPMS related problems. Feel free to drop by at our service station.

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