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Are you looking for Car Steering Repair for your vehicle?


Any problem with your car s steering system must be immediately addressed. If you face any issue with your vehicle s handling performance and overall driving experience, you should reach a professional garage for prompt solutions.

Regardless of where the fault is, be it with the steering pump, rack, or a leaking steering box, you can trust our expert team at Lou's Tyres Limited for car steering repair Scunthorpe. Our technicians can quickly identify any underlying issue and provide the necessary repairs/replacements with the least turnaround time.

Diagnosing problems in an automobile steering system

According to various official reports published by the UK Government, a large number of on-road accidents across the country happen due to a faulty steering system. Thus, any fault with your car s steering or power steering should be repaired without delay.

Modern vehicles come equipped with Electric Power Steering (EPS) systems, which offer enhanced precision and response using electric motors and other parts. Older cars, on the other hand, have manual steering with mechanical parts (like pistons and hydraulic pumps) that need routine servicing.

Mentioned below are some common problems that you should keep an eye on, and opt for car steering Replacement Scunthorpe immediately.

  • Poor steering response

One of the first signs is faltering steering response, as car owners face difficulty in controlling their vehicle while manoeuvring. A delay in the response indicates an issue with the steering alignment, or loose steering system components.

You should immediately seek professional help at our facility for car steering replacement Scunthorpe.

  • Noise and vibrations

A squealing or whining noise is a potential giveaway of depleting fluid levels in the electric power steering system. While a simple top-up may be a quick fix, you should seek professional help nonetheless. Meanwhile, unusual vibrations can indicate a broken or loose steering belt, which can lead to EPS failure while you drive.

How can Lou's Tyres Limited help?

If you need car steering repair Scunthorpe, you can come down to Lou's Tyres Limited to address issues with components of the steering system like:

  • Steering wheel and arms

  • Shaft and columns

  • Gearbox

  • Wheel end bearings, etc.

With our expert team, you can finally put an end to your ‘steering specialist near me searches. You can drive to our workshop at Brigg Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, GB DN16 1AR.

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