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Both in terms of construction and application, solid tyres are a unique category specifically designed for industrial use. These units are ideal for use in construction zones or landfill operations. Unlike regular car or truck tyres, solid tyres are essentially non-pneumatic units, meaning these are airless and hence offer resistance to punctures.

Further, these units have a high load carrying capacity and effectively resist damages by nails, screws, scraps, etc., that are usually abundant in industrial or construction areas.

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What makes solid tyres unique?

If you are looking forward to buy solid tyres Scunthorpe, you must first know what makes them apt for industrial usage.

The fundamental difference between a solid tyre and any other regular unit is that the former are essentially air-less.

These tyres are either made up of solid rubber or moulded plastics and are not produced by the curing process. Instead, they are rolled in thin layers of the rubber over a metal frame and are pressed with a hydraulic system. When the tyre is adequately sized, it is then placed in a mould and heated to create the tread design. This entire process makes the tyres puncture-proof and about 3 times more durable than pneumatic tyres.

The tread design of solid tyres Scunthorpe is mostly slick or shallow that make them pliable, and hence, these can perform efficiently at high speeds.

Lou's Tyres Limited s top-sellers

  1. CS20+

  2. This Continental solid tyre features closed flanks which help to minimize vibrations and offer a comfortable driving experience. The tread blocks are ingeniously designed to prevent slippage and provide excellent lateral stability at sharp turning points. The newly engineered rubber compound of this tyre also increases its fuel efficiency and offers improved mileage.

  3. SC20+

  4. Another variant from Continental, this tyre allows easy installation with the help of a hex key, thereby reducing both time and effort. The new plus compound prevents internal heating making it more durable. Additionally, the new compound also reduces rolling resistance, making these solid tyres Scunthorpe more fuel-efficient.

Besides these, we stock several other solid tyres at our facility Lou's Tyres Limited.

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