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Are you stranded somewhere in Scunthorpe with a flat tyre and searching the internet for puncture repair near me ?

Our team at Lou's Tyres Limited has been providing prompt and efficient services of car puncture repair Scunthorpe for years now.

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Signs of a tyre puncture

A tyre leak is extremely apparent and easy to detect. If you are looking for a puncture repairing garage Scunthorpe, we assume you must have encountered one of the following troubles.

  • Sudden deflation of the tyre.

  • Shaky and shuddering wheels.

  • Difficulty in steering and braking.

  • Vehicle drifting to one side, etc.

When you experience these handling difficulties, stop driving immediately.

Driving on flat tyres is not only a threat to your safety, but it also reduces the chances of the tyre being repairable.

In case you are a significant distance away from the nearest facility for car puncture repair Scunthorpe, and you do not carry a spare tyres, a puncture repairing kit might come in handy to provide a temporary solution.

However, we recommend calling us in such instances to be on the safer side.

Causes of tyre leaks

Unfortunately, tyre punctures are one of the most common occurrences while driving in the UK, and there can be a number of reasons for it - debris and sharp objects like screws, nails, or broken glass.

Some other reasons are stated below:

  • Worn-out tyres.

  • Damaged valve stem.

  • Driving on rough terrain, bumpy roads and potholes.

  • Blowout due to over-inflation.

Are all tyre punctures repairable?

Please bear in mind that not all types of punctures are repairable. The technicians at Lou's Tyres Limited strictly follow the BS AU 159 guidelines set by the British Standards Institution to ensure maximum security to our customers.

In case of damages to the tyres ; shoulder and sidewall, we highly recommend getting a replacement.

You can choose from our expansive stock of tyre brands, fit for your budget and vehicle.

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