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Are you looking for Police Defect Forms Service for your vehicle?

Police Defect Forms

As a vehicle owner, you are responsible for all vehicle maintenance to make sure it is roadworthy and without any defects:

  • The annual MOT test is not good enough as defects and wear can happen at any time. 
  • You should have a closer look at your vehicle yourself on a regular basis, to make sure all your vehicle's lights are intact, your tyre tread is still within the legal range etc.

To be on the safe side, you should take your vehicle to a professional garage from time to time to make sure, all is good. 

Lou's Tyres Limited is just the right partner when it comes to vehicle check-ups.

Have you ever heard of the VDRS (Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme)? 

The Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme deals with minor vehicle defects, for example, broken lights/bulbs, tyres worn to the legal limit, or illegitimate number plates.

  • The vehicle types included in the VDRS are not just cars but also caravans and trailers. 
  • With the VDRS you can also be issued with a fixed-penalty-charge
  • VDRS allows you to avoid prosecution by getting defects examined closely and fixed immediately.

VDRS means you have to get any defects detected by the Police fixed within 14 days. After the repairs, you have to provide evidence that the work has been carried out professionally. If you don't provide proof, you can face prosecution, will have to pay a hefty fine plus receive points on your driving license. 

Get your Police Defect Form Scunthorpe from Lou's Tyres Limited

Inspection of vehicle defects

After the repairs have been carried out, you have to take your vehicle to an official MOT testing station to obtain a so-called Police Defect Form to proof any defects detected by the Police have been rectified.

Lou's Tyres Limited is a vehicle repair garage as well as a registered MOT testing station. This means you can get the defects repaired and the Police defect form issued in one go.

You will only be charged the regular price for inspection, repairs and parts/material.

Please note, this check and repairs have nothing to do with an MOT test.

It still has to be carried out as usual.

If you need our help, have any questions, need an estimate or would like to book an appointment, please get in touch.

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