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Introduced in the 1960s, an MOT test is a legal provision applicable to all vehicles which are over 3 years old. The tests are conducted under the aegis of the DVSA, and there are more than 23,000 authorised MOT testing centres in the United Kingdom.

If you live in or around Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk or Leicestershire, you can visit our facility - Lou’s Tyres Limited. We are one of the most well-established testing facilities in these Counties.

Our workshop is widely relied-upon to provide the most comprehensive MOT Scunthorpe.

Why choose us?

We conduct MOT tests at extremely competitive rates:

    • If you avail our services for an MOT test Scunthorpe of a Class 4 vehicle, the entire process will cost you £40.
    • For MOT testing of Class 5 and 7 vehicles, we charge £45.

Differentiating Classes 4, 5 and 7 vehicles

The DVSA has detailed guidelines which categorise vehicles according to load-bearing capacity, seating capacity and other criteria.

Class 4 vehicles include all passenger cars, 3-wheeled vehicles, and bigger vehicles with seating capacities of up to 12 people.

Class 5 vehicles include all private cars, motor caravans and other vehicles with seating capacities for 13 or more people.

Class 7 vehicles include primarily goods carriers with gross weight between 3 and 3.5 tons.

We conduct high-quality MOT Scunthorpe for these larger vehicles, thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies we use.

Also, if you own a heavy-goods carrier and are searching for a reliable ‘MOT checker near me’, we humbly ask you to visit our station and see for yourself how we carry out the most proficient tests.

Let us now delve a bit deeper into the MOT test itself.

What are the components of this test?

When it was first conceptualised, the test only had a few simple checks and inspections. Now, however, an MOT check Scunthorpe is a highly specialised series of inspections and detailed analyses of a vehicle’s various parts.

Broadly, an MOT in Scunthorpe inspects the following components:

      • Emissions and exhausts - At our facility, we use specialised gauges to determine the percentages of noxious fumes of CO and SO2, among other known pollutants. If we detect any abnormality, we will carry out pre-test repairs to ensure that your car passes with flying colours.
      • Seat belts and restraining systems - These must be elastic and free from any fabric damage. They should fit the driver and all passengers properly. Other safety features like airbags should also be in perfect shape.
      • Steering system - The steering mechanism, especially power-steering, has to be in top working order. Otherwise, your car may fail the test.
      • Brakes - Like all other complicated systems, the brakes too must work flawlessly. If necessary, we will check MOT history and make appropriate adjustments prior to a test.
      • Suspension - All passenger cars, and especially the heavier vehicles of Classes 5 and 7, should have a sturdy suspension system, free from defects.
      • Tyres and wheels - These should match manufacturer’s recommendations.
      • Battery and wiring - At Lou's Tyres Limited, our technicians will ensure that your car battery charges and discharges properly. It is a crucial part of MOT test Scunthorpe.
      • Body and structure - The vehicle body should be free of rust, dents, and signs of kerbing and any other obvious indication of damage.

Our MOT Scunthorpe also covers the condition of the vehicles’ horns, number plates, reflective surfaces and bonnet.

MOT repairs at Lou’s Tyres Limited

In case your car has failed its MOT, you have probably been made aware of the VT30 certificate that details the reasons behind the failure. Following the 2018 update, MOT checks are now much more stringent, and your vehicle will fail the test if it has a “dangerous” or “major” fault.

However, you can take a re-test within 10 working days of failing the check. To ensure that your vehicle aces the re-test, you have to get all faults professionally repaired first. Here at Lou’s Tyres Limited we can certainly help you with any repairs as well.

Why not combine your vehicle’s next MOT test with a vehicle service or a short Pre-MOT-Check? During such a check, our technicians will have a good look at your vehicle and also check MOT history, previous advisory notes etc.* and conduct all essential repairs and replacements so that your vehicle passes the test without any hassle.

*Also, please note what these MOT qualifying terms mean:

      • Pass - This means that your car is at par with all legal standards.
      • Advisory - This, on the other hand, means that your vehicle still has an issue that can get worse without prompt expert attention. We recommend you reach us in this case.
      • Minor - Your vehicle can pass with a minor fault. However, it needs to be fixed at the earliest to avoid further complications.

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Please call us on 01724 281981 for more details and bookings.

MOT's at Lous Tyres can be carried out 28 days earlier than your MOT anniversary date, and if your vehicle passes the extra 28 days is added to your next 12 months MOT duration.

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