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Hybrid Vehicles

Lou's Tyres Limited was one of the first major car service centres in Lincolnshire to realise that hybrid vehicles are the future. The internal combustion engine that runs on conventional fuel is slowly but surely losing its status as the go-to vehicular technology.

With hybrid vehicles, car owners get their desired performance, power and comfort without leaving behind a sizeable carbon footprint.

We are proud to be a reliable station for hybrid car service Scunthorpe. As more people purchase these modern wonders, we are also ramping up our personnel and technology to assist as many clients as we can.

Types of hybrid cars available in the UK

Presently, there are 4 principal types of these vehicles. They are:

  1. EV or BEV: They stand for Electric Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles. These are completely dependent on rechargeable battery packs.

  2. HEV: Hybrid Electric Vehicles. We specialise in servicing these vehicles, and you will find a broad overview in the next section.

  3. PHEV: Plug-in Electric Vehicles. It is another category which we repair and inspect. Due to our modern technologies, we have often been named the foremost station for hybrid car service Scunthorpe.

  4. ER-EV: These are Extended Range Electric Vehicles.

Our services

Lou's Tyres Limited focuses on 3 aspects of any hybrid vehicle once it reaches our service bay. They are the motor or generator, the battery pack and the car s inverter.

Motor or generator checks repairs: We follow a state-of-the-art checklist of processes. In this instance, the following tests are required:

  • Inspection of the vehicle s high and low voltage coil. We use mostly automated instruments to complete the task.

  • Motor commutation checks. Almost all these vehicles come with three-phase linear motors which must work perfectly and in tandem. Our technicians ensure that happens without any hassle.

  • Motor verification: It is a crucial test where we determine if the generator is working properly.

Battery checks and repairs

It is the most important part of the process. The tests include:

  • Restoration of original charging capacity.

  • Replacing all damaged cells.

  • Verifying that all charging ports are in top shape.

Inverter repairs and inspections

The checklist includes:

  • A detailed check of all HV technologies.

  • Replacing or repairing the inverter or generator, if necessary.

  • Ensuring that overcharging or undercharging does not happen.

Due to our high success rate, we are often hailed as the most trusted station for hybrid car service Scunthorpe.

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As more HVs and EVs flood the market- with models like Volvo s XC90 Recharge T8, Toyota s Corolla 1.8 VVT-i Hybrid and the BMW 330e, we are ready to service more vehicles.

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