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Are you looking for Free Tyre Check  for your vehicle?

If you expect your vehicle to continue running smoothly, you must ensure that the tyres contain adequate pressure and are free from any sign of damage.

Keeping your convenience in mind, Lou’s Tyres Limited offers quality free tyre check Scunthorpe.


Why is routine car tyre check Scunthorpe important?

Driving your vehicle on tyres below the legal tread limit can be dangerous, and also causes annual MOT fails.

As per the law, car tyres must have a tread depth of at least 1.6 mm. If you drive your automobile with damaged tyres, you’re risking a fine of up to £2500 per tyre. A fine so hefty will sure hurt your pocket.

How can Lou’s Tyres Limited help you out?

Simple and regular tyre check Scunthorpe will ensure that you’re safe on the road. You can follow the given steps or allow us to do it professionally.

Make weekly checks and look for bulging cuts and tears to the tyre wall. In case you spot something unusual, drive down to our garage for a professional tyre check.

Take note of your car tyre’s tread depth. As mentioned earlier, the law requires vehicle tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm.

Make sure that your car tyre pressure is correct. Under-inflated tyres can lead to poor handling, overheating and even worse, a blowout.

In the scope of our free tyre check Scunthorpe, we will carry out all the necessary inspections. If necessary, all repairs will be done in accordance with the British Standards.

Hence, put an end to your “free tyre check near me” queries, and visit us during business hours. We’re open from Monday to Saturday. We’re also available on call on 01724281981.

Drop us an mail with your queries at simon@loustyresltd.com.

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