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Are you looking for Engine Head Gaskets for your vehicle?

Engine head gaskets

The head gasket of an internal combustion engine is a tiny but crucial part, and must function optimally at all times. It is positioned between an engine block and its cylinder head. The gasket is often subjected to extremely high temperatures and pressure; these may cause it to blow or become dysfunctional.

Unfortunately, head gaskets cannot be repaired; they require a complete replacement. If you stay in or around Lincolnshire or the surrounding Counties, feel free to visit us - Lou's Tyres Limited. We are known to offer reliable engine head gasket replacement Scunthorpe.

Functions of the engine head gasket

  • Sealing engine cylinders: The first gaskets manufactured more than a century ago had a single function- to seal all cylinders and ensure there was no loss of engine compression. The head gasket s primary task remains the same.

  • Preventing engine oil and coolant leaks: Another vital task the gasket performs is to ensure that there is no intrusion of engine oil or coolant fluids inside the cylinders.

  • Sealing the internal combustion process: The head gasket also ensures that there is adequate circulation of engine coolant. Once it blows , your car s engine will start overheating till it is no longer possible to drive.

Being a trusted engine head gasket replacement garage Scunthorpe, we store OE-grade replacements for all car makes and models. Our gaskets are sourced from top manufacturers and have a steel-elastomer composition that guarantees a longer service life.

Indications of a faulty head gasket

  1. Overheating: It remains the most obvious indication that you require an engine head gasket replacement Scunthorpe. Since the gasket is no longer operational, coolant, engine oil and fuel may enter the engine s combustion chamber. You must immediately seek professional advice from us at Lou's Tyres Limited.

  2. Blue or white smoke: Any sign of bluish or white smoke in the emissions generally indicate problems with this component.

  3. Loss of power: A blown gasket can no longer seal engine cylinders, which means that the compression ratios go haywire. You will notice that it is almost impossible to accelerate even on smooth, bump-free roads. Sputtering of the engine and increased fuel consumption also indicate that it is time to visit a professional garage.

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