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Are you looking for Engine Changes Rebuilds  for your vehicle?


Like all parts of your car, the engine is also prone to develop performance issues over time. Rough driving, poor fuel or engine oil quality are contributing factors to the degradation of this vital component of any vehicle.

Under such circumstances, engine rebuilds can be a great option for you.

Several studies have shown that specific cars in the United Kingdom - including expensive models like the 2009- 10 Audi A4, 2008 s Ford F-350, the miniature 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser and 2010 s Chevrolet Equinox - often suffer from engine problems after clocking a few thousand miles. Similar research shows that most people who own these models have chosen complete engine rebuilds for one simple reason: purchasing a used model is usually very expensive.

If you too are facing car engine problems, visit our facility - Lou's Tyres Limited - for professional engine rebuilds Scunthorpe.

Note that these are highly complicated and technologically demanding processes. Our facility is one of the few with the necessary team and tools in place.

When do you require an engine rebuild?

There are several giveaways which our technicians have noted over the years. Here are 3 signs which will help you determine if you require this procedure done on your vehicle.

  1. Excessive engine oil consumption: It is one of the earliest and most obvious signs that your car s engine is in trouble. At times, you might have to top-up the engine oil levels between 2 oil-change sessions. It also indicates blow-by , a technical term for worn-out pistons.

  2. White or bluish exhaust smoke: At our car servicing garage Scunthorpe, we often hear patrons complaining about white or blue gases exiting the tailpipe. This phenomenon occurs even if the car hasn t traversed a significant distance and its engine is still cold. You will also notice excessive levels of exhaust emissions.

All these issues indicate that the fuel is probably coming in contact with the engine coolant. It is best to call us on 01724 281981 book a slot at Lou's Tyres Limited. Your automobile clearly requires an engine rebuild.

  1. Knocking sounds: Even though all automotive fuel comes with anti-knocking agents, you may still hear a chattering or an unpleasant noise when you shift gears and accelerate. Should this happen, please do not waste any time. Visit us for the most comprehensive engine rebuilds Scunthorpe.

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At our facility, we use the latest technologies for engine rebuilds Scunthorpe. We run a transparent business, and our engine rebuild costs Scunthorpe reflect that.

For further details, please email us at simon@loustyresltd.com. We will get back to you in no time!

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