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Emission Specialists

Reducing your car s emissions go a long way in ensuring that it pollutes the air less, has enhanced fuel economy and offers an improved driving experience. Besides, with the stringent Euro-V pollution norms now in place, it is time that you contacted a specialist garage and got your vehicle checked for any emission or exhaust system damage.

At Lou's Tyres Limited, we offer the finest exhaust repairs and upgrades in Lincolnshire with OE-grade equipment. We are one of the leading emission specialists Scunthorpe. If your car fails an MOT over emissions issues, we can provide a long-lasting solution by replacing the damaged components of this complicated system.

We can also give you certain pointers on how you can reduce your car s emissions.

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Lou's Tyres Limited believes that many experienced car owners out there also have a keen sense of environmental norms.

Some of the things you can do to keep your vehicle compliant with the emissions standards are:

  1. Use high quality fuel: Given a choice between leaded and unleaded fuels, it is always advisable to choose the unleaded or premium variant. Lab tests that currently form the backbone of the Euro emissions standard show that you may benefit from slightly more expensive premium fuels.

  2. Replace engine oil frequently: It is another recommended practice that is rather easy to follow. Come down to the emission specialists Scunthorpe at our facility, Lou's Tyres Limited. Our technicians will flush out the used oil, flush the container and replenish it with fresh oil.

  3. Keep the TPMS in good shape: Under-inflated tyres will inevitably consume more fuel. If your car s TPMS is working as it should, you will see a warning light that indicates decreased tyre pressure. Should this happen, emissions will also rise in tandem. We always encourage our clients to keep a tab on both front and rear tyre air pressures.

  4. Never idle at stop lights: Whenever you are stuck in traffic, turn the engine off. Do not idle for more than 7 to 8 seconds. That way, you will save more fuel and your car will also release lesser emissions.

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