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An earthmover is typically a heavy-duty vehicle that is exclusively engineered for construction operations that require moving soil, digging, mining and other related activities.

Earthmover tyres are specialized units that support these vehicles to perform optimally at rough construction sites and on rocky terrains.

If you are looking to buy high quality earthmover tyres Scunthorpe, come down to Lou’s Tyres Limited.

Earthmover tyres at Lou’s Tyres Limited

These units offer stability and efficient traction at high speeds and even on challenging surfaces.

Discussed below are two of our best-selling earthmover tyres Scunthorpe.

ContiEarth RDT-Master

This earthmover tyre from Continental features deeper treads and wide-cum-flat tread radius that allows it to offer a balanced performance with high load-carrying capacity. It has angled tread edges and an open shoulder design which collectively offers high lateral stability and cornering precision at high speeds.

Additionally, the wide tread gaps account for its excellent self-cleaning characteristics.

Bridgestone VUT

The Bridgestone VUT features a non-directional tread design to offer impressive traction and floatation on extreme road conditions. The tread pattern also comes with wider gaps that have effective self-cleaning properties.

This tyre also has an ultra-durable casing that enhances its stability and helps it to perform optimally even with a heavy load. Further, these earthmover tyres Scunthorpe reduce rolling resistance and help to improve fuel economy.

These two products reflect what our exhaustive inventory stocks – only the best quality units for your convenience. Also, if you have any doubt regarding these specialised tyres, feel free to talk to our experts. Backed by years of experience, they possess in-depth knowledge on earthmovers and their dedicated tyres.

Hence, you can now stop searching for “tyres near me” and drive down to Lou’s Tyres Limited to buy units from iconic brands that will provide a matchless performance.

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