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If you notice an unusually large amount of smoke coming from your diesel car s exhaust or perceive a strong smell of diesel while driving, there s a possibility that your vehicle s DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is malfunctioning.

In such cases, it is in your best interest to turn to our DPF specialists Scunthorpe at Lou's Tyres Limited.

But first, we d like you to know the tell-tale indicators of a blocked DPF. Take a look.

Common signs of a blocked DPF Scunthorpe

  • Strong diesel smell

This usually happens due to the build-up of gases that a faulty DPF fails to filter. These noxious gases can also have damaging effects on your health.

  • Increased exhaust emissions

An optimally functioning DPF collects and removes excess soot, failing which the car releases excessive emissions from the exhaust. If you come across this problem, we suggest you ask our professionals at Lou's Tyres Limited for expert advice.

  • Increase in fuel consumption

A faulty DPF hinders the proper functioning of your car engine, forcing it to use more fuel.

  • Passive and active regeneration keeps failing

Active and passive regeneration aims to increase the exhaust temperature so that the DPF burns off the extra soot. These processes often fail to perform adequately if the DPF malfunctions.

Why are Diesel Particulate Filters important?

Diesel engines generate large amounts of soot. A Diesel Particulate Filter holds and destroys these harmful particulates by a process called regeneration. However, a blocked DPF might not respond to regeneration, and in these circumstances, you must reach trusted DPF specialists Scunthorpe.

If you think removing the filter altogether will help the cause, be prepared to pay a fine of 1000 for a car, and as much as 2500 for a van.

If you re in Scunthorpe, your search for DPF cleaning near me ends with Lou's Tyres Limited. Our experts will carefully remove the filter and thoroughly inspect it for signs of fault. If required.

We might also suggest other methods of cleaning depending on the DPF s condition. Regardless, feel free to visit our garage for any help that you may require.

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