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Are you looking for Catalytic Converters  for your vehicle?

Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is an essential part of your car s exhaust system. It transforms noxious gases into a harmless gaseous mixture, thereby keeping your vehicle compliant with the emissions standards. Presently, all new cars sold in the UK must follow the Euro emission standards that are specifically set to reduce exhaust pollutants.

Catalytic converters are usually long-lasting (for around ten years), but sometimes, they may fail ahead of time due to engine performance issues.

Be sure to take your car to a professional garage if this component shows signs of an impending failure. Lou's Tyres Limited is renowned for its catalytic converter replacements Scunthorpe.

What are the signs of a faulty catalytic converter?

  • An illuminated check engine light: Although several other issues can trigger the check engine light , a damaged catalytic converter is one of the commonest reasons.

  • Engine performance issues: Stalling of the engine and power loss are two indicators of a failing catalytic converter.

  • Failed emissions tests: Your car s catalytic converter must be functioning at 90% efficiency or more. Anything below that level will result in an emissions test fail.

  • Stench of noxious gases: If your car s catalytic converter is damaged, the emissions from the exhaust will have a distinct odour. This happens because the fuel in your vehicle is not burnt properly. It can also lead to the release of dense black smoke from the exhaust.

If you detect any of these symptoms, Lou's Tyres Limited is your one-stop solution for catalytic converter replacements Scunthorpe.

Why do catalytic converters fail?

  • An incorrect mixture of air and fuel: An improper air-fuel mixture can end up overheating the catalytic converter, eventually damaging it.

  • Contamination: Engine oil, coolant and other fluids that enter the exhaust stream can contaminate the catalytic converter.

Regardless, your search for catalytic converter replacement near me ends here with Lou's Tyres Limited. Feel free to place us a call or come directly to us for a booking.

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