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Are you looking for Brake Repair for your vehicle?


If anything goes wrong with your vehicle ;s braking system, it could spell disaster for you besides comprising the handling performance.

In case you are looking for brake repairing service near me , Lou's Tyres Limited is your one-stop destination. We are located at Brigg Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 1AR.

The experts at our garage for brake repair Scunthorpe will thoroughly check your car ;s braking system for signs of fault and replace the damaged parts, as necessary.

How does an automobile ;s braking system function?

When you step down on the brake pedal, the system transmits pressure to tyres so that they stop rolling and the vehicle comes to a halt. It does this using hydraulics, which evenly transfers pressure to each of the four wheels.

    • Drum brakes:

When applying the brakes, the brake fluid pushes its way to the wheel cylinder of the drum brakes. This causes the brake shoes to come in contact with the drum brakes, thereby slowing down or stopping the car.

    • Disc brakes:

With these, the brake fluid from the master cylinder forces inside a caliper (calipers house the brake pads) which presses against a piston. Now, that piston pushes against two brake pads on the disc rotor, causing the wheel to grind to a halt.

As you can understand, the mechanism is quite complex and even minor faults can compromise the overall braking efficiency.

At Lou's Tyres Limited, our technical know-how makes us one of the most reliable garages for brake pad replacement Scunthorpe.

Symptoms of faulty brakes

  • The brake light is on

Watch out for the most obvious indicator of a faulty braking system on your car ;s dashboard. If this warning light is trigered, it ;s time our technicians take a look at the source of the underlying problem.

  • Squealing, squeaking or grinding noises

You will hear such odd sounds on braking if the brake pads are worn out.

  • Vibrations in the steering column when braking

A damaged rotor could be the reason behind this problem.

Regardless, if you were searching for brake repair Scunthorpe services, look no further than Lou's Tyres Limited.

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