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Are you looking for Batteries Service for your vehicle?


If you do not wish to end up stranded in the middle of a road with a dead battery, look out for the warning signs and opt for car battery replacement Scunthorpe.

You can reach our facility - Lou's Tyres Limited - to get the damaged battery replaced. We are a team of highly trained professionals, and backed by years of experience, we can easily diagnose any vehicular problem and fix it efficiently.

When to replace your car battery Scunthorpe?

Though vehicle batteries come with an average service life of about five years, certain driving habits, frequent short trips and a host of other factors can cause premature failure of the battery.

Under such circumstances, you might have to replace the battery much earlier than expected. At Lou's Tyres Limited, our professionals are adept at battery servicing and can offer prompt replacements if needed.

Indicators of a faulty vehicle battery

In case you notice the signs discussed below, you should opt for a car battery replacement Scunthorpe at the earliest.

  1. Dim headlight: Failing batteries cannot provide full power to your vehicles electronic components, including headlights. If you notice a weaker or dim headlight, we recommend you opt for a professional car battery replacement.

  2. Slow engine crank: Does your car take a long time to start? Well, it is, more often than not, a sure symptom of a flat car battery Scunthorpe.

  3. Clicking sound when you turn on the ignition key: If you heard a clicking sound while turning the key, it is a strong indication of a malfunctioning battery, which is unable to send enough power to the starter solenoid.

Other than these, intermittent engine sparks, a foul rotten egg smell and a bloated battery case are other indicators of a failing battery. We recommend you take help from professionals like us at Lou's Tyres Limited.

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