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An optimally functioning car air conditioning system regulates the temperature inside the vehicle s cabin and also efficiently maintains air quality by filtering out unfavourable substances like bacteria, dirt and pollutants to ensure a comfortable driving experience. Hence, it is imperative that you opt for routine car air conditioning Scunthorpe service to avoid costly repairs later.

At Lou's Tyres Limited, we use advanced state-of-the-art tools to conduct comprehensive car AC check. Our veteran technicians can provide you with the most professional diagnostics and prompt solutions.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning air-con system

Listed below are the four major symptoms that indicate a malfunctioning air-conditioning system.

    • Higher temperature in the cabin-

This is the primary symptom of a faulty AC and must be addressed at the earliest. This is caused mainly due to a damaged compressor that fails to regulate the refrigerant flow adequately, thereby leading to an inefficient cooling mechanism.

    • Condensation-

The air-conditioning unit is also responsible to regulate the humidity levels inside the cabin. Therefore, if you notice water droplets on the windscreen or floorboards, it certainly indicates a faulty air-conditioning system.

    • Pungent smell-

A consequent effect of water condensation is the growth of moulds and bacteria, leading to an unpleasant foul odour. Under such circumstances, book an appointment with a professional facility for car air conditioning Scunthorpe. service

    • Unusual noise-

The compressor in your car AC makes use of pulley bearing and a clutch for proper functioning. Often, this bearing and the clutch wear out and it results in squealing or rattling noises. Hence, if you hear odds noise while the AC is operating, opt for a professional diagnosis as soon as you can.

How can Lou's Tyres Limited help?

    • Thorough check:

At our garage, we conduct a meticulous check of your car AC s components, including the compressor, condenser and evaporator, to understand the main cause behind the malfunction.

    • Air conditioning recharge:

Our expert technicians will use an advanced pressure gauge and gas recharging equipment to accurately measure the fall in the refrigerant and carry out car air con re gas Scunthorpe to the optimum recommended level. Additionally, we will check for damaged AC filters, cooling fans and other vulnerable electrical components that are responsible for the adequate functioning of the system.

Hence, end your search for car AC repairing services near me and visit Lou's Tyres Limited for a thorough diagnosis.

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