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Agricultural tyres

An ideal set of agricultural tyres with appropriate load-carrying capacity ensures decreased fuel consumption and improved traction.

Every year, in the United Kingdom, tons of agricultural tyres are sold. However, buyers very often ignore the technical aspects and criteria which are directly linked to overall productivity and profitability.

If you are looking for the best quality agricultural tyres Scunthorpe, you can visit Lou's Tyres Limited. We have a team of highly trained professionals, capable of providing expert advice and will help you to buy the ideal agricultural units.

Things to consider before buying agricultural tyres Scunthorpe

  1. Radial and bias ply construction

  2. You need to select from the two distinct types of agricultural tyre construction, namely Radial and Bias ply.

    Radial tyres offer increased traction, fuel efficiency and reduced wheel slippage. On the other hand, bias ply tyres, which have relatively stiff sidewalls, can resist punctures.

    Coupled with features like flexibility and strength, radial tyres can also adsorb sudden shocks and bumps effectively.

  3. Tread design

  4. There are 5 different types of agricultural tyres Scunthorpe on the basis of tread design - R1, R1W, R2, R3, and R4.

    R1, R1W, and R2 are primarily agricultural tyres that deliver optimum traction in farming-related conditions, including wet and sticky soil etc.

    R3 and R4 tyres, also called turf and industrial tyres, are generally used for industrial purposes.

  5. Tread compound and depth

  6. Agricultural tyres Scunthorpe are manufactured with reinforced shoulder walls and high-density compounds which make these units wear-resistant and durable.

    Tread depth is another key factor that determines easy manoeuvrability on different types of farmland. Smaller tractors require tyres with lesser tread depths, while larger agricultural equipment requires units with bigger treads.

  7. Load-carrying capacity

  8. The bigger the tyre size, the higher its air volume, which ensures heavier load-carrying capacity. A tractor with large tyres can tow 35% more weight than ordinary units. Also, overloading a vehicle causes uneven weight distribution on tyres, which can result in partial tread wear or even a blowout in extreme conditions. You should, thus, be careful while buying agricultural tyres Scunthorpe.

Popular agricultural units at Lou's Tyres Limited

  1. Michelin MACHXBIB/XM28

  2. Bridgestone VX-TRACTOR

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