About Us

This webpage details our values, core business beliefs, our plans for the future and also briefs our mission and vision.

About our facility

Lou's Tyres Limited is probably the most efficient and technologically proficient car service garage Scunthorpe.

Our services incorporate the substantial expertise that our technicians possess; they use the latest technologies from around the world.

Some of the services we specialise in are:

  1. Wheel balancing and alignment/tracking.

  2. Exhaust and braking system inspection and replacements.

  3. Clutch system inspection and replacements.

  4. MOT testing of all Class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles.

  1. A sophisticated vehicle purification system designed to kill viruses and germs.

  2. Cambelt repairs and replacements.

  3. Engine rebuilds, and

  4. Vehicle diagnostics.

We are also one of the leading retailers of car tyres Scunthorpe. We sell:

  1. Agricultural and tractor tyres.

  2. Solid tyres.

  3. Car tyres.

  1. Truck and plant tyres.

  2. Models for heavy vehicles like earthmovers etc

Our values and core beliefs

We are passionate about everything we do, and we ensure that all our services offer 100% client satisfaction.

Lou's Tyres Limited believes that a smile and a brisk work-pace go a long way in earning the trust of our patrons. This trust is our biggest asset; hence, we try and ensure that any complaint redressal is swift and decisive.

Mission and vision statements

Lou's Tyres Limited is currently hailed as a perfect car service garage Scunthorpe. It is our mission to never stop going forward, never rest on our laurels and always ensure that our clients are satisfied with products and services.

Our vision is two-fold. One is to spread across this County and its surrounding areas in the coming years with more facilities and service stations. The second one is to ensure that we remain relevant in the next 3 to 4 decades as internal combustion engines leave the limelight, which will then be taken over by EVs and hybrid cars.

The UK is currently the second-largest adopter of plug-in EVs, trailing only Norway, with just over 300,000 such models registered by April 2020.

We are ready to service the newer and smarter breed of cars represented by models like Nissan s Leaf, Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV, BMW 330e, Tesla Model S and the Kia Soul EV.

We are also more than ready to retail tyres for such cars as they become more commercially available.

What drives us?

If you search the Internet for the best automobile garage near me in these Counties, it is very likely that you will be directed to us - Lou's Tyres Limited.

That is because we have worked and modernised our facility tirelessly. We are driven mostly by our patrons satisfaction, besides an insatiable urge to deliver top-notch car services.

Reach out to us

Please call us on 01724 281 981 or come to see us at our workshop.

For more details, feel free to browse through our website.

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